MSI returned failure code 1603: Fatal error during installation MSI returned failure code 1603: Fatal error during installation

MSI returned failure code 1603: Fatal error during installation

If you get the error MSI returned failure code 1603: Fatal error during installation when installing your Redgate tools, it could be a requirements issue so you may want to check that you meet the requirements for the tool you're using on the documentation site first.

After the failed installation attempt, try browsing to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Temp\Red Gate\CFU and find the installer, then right click "run as administrator".

If the problem persists, run the following from an elevated command prompt:

>netsh http show iplisten

If there are no rules, then by default all services are on the AllowList. However, if the default is changed or if there is at least one rule then it may be necessary to add an extra one.

What you may see is "::" as a rule after running the above command. This is a rule that likely would have been added by another app. (changes to these rules are not monitored so it isn't possible to tell which app added it). If that is the case though then you will need to apply the rule below.

>netsh http add iplisten

Once added please try to run the installer again.

The rule can be removed if needed by using the following command: 

>netsh http delete iplisten

If you are seeing a slightly different error message such as:

"MSI returned failure code 1603: fatal error during installation.
The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. the Error code is 2343."

This could indicate an issue with either the installer or another app blocking the installer. To test this please try installing the tools on a non-work machine. If the install is successful this indicates that your work machine has a security policy blocking the installer. Please check with your IT team to see if any Antivirus or a third party tool (for example one that moderates access/privileges management) is blocking the installer. 

Adaptive Threat Protection

Having Adaptive Threat Protection enabled within your antivirus software can be the cause of the service not starting. Once disabled, it should be possible to start the service and complete the installation of SQL Prompt. Once the installation has completed Adaptive Threat Protection can be re-enabled. Note: when restarting the machine, if Adaptive Threat Protection is active, it will block the Redgate Client service from starting.

If none of these steps help please raise a support ticket.

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