Licensing & update URLs to add to your AllowList in firewall

Adding these to your allow list should enable licensing and authentication of Redgate tools to run smoothly.  We recommend that you use the DNS names instead of the IPs as we don't guarantee to keep them constant.

The exact steps to follow will depend on your server configuration and any additional spam protection software your organization has in place, but these are the details your IT team will need to add to your allow list:

DNS and

IP - N/A this changes constantly

Using HTTPS (port 443) and HTTP (port 80)

The full list of endpoints relating to licensing:


The locally (to you) hosted endpoints for the Redgate Client service are ports 22221 - 22223 by default (e.g.

Additionally, adding email addresses to your contacts list in your email client can also help them get through. The addresses to add are:
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