Manual (Offline) Activation for user based tools Manual (Offline) Activation for user based tools

Manual (Offline) Activation for user based tools

You can use manual activation to activate products when your computer doesn't have an internet connection or your internet connection does not allow SOAP requests.

You'll need access to another computer with an internet connection so that you can transfer the installer over on a flash drive.

  1. Launch the product you wish to activate
  2. Visit http://localhost:22221/redgate/status.html
  3. Under Recently connected products, next to the product you wish to activate choose 'Activate using fallback' 
  4. Enter your serial key and the activation will fail (if you have no internet connection)
  5. Now you have the option to activate manually 

You can then manually activate the license - here's some step-by-step instructions. 

NB: Make sure you leave the original window with the request text open whilst you generate the response text, then paste in the response. 

The 'Check for updates' feature from within the software won't work when you're offline. Instead, you can check the Redgate website for updates on a machine with connectivity here to see if you're on the latest version. You can download and transfer updates to your offline machine manually using a USB stick.

Manual activations will show in the customer portal as Device: (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)