How to activate Redgate Monitor licenses by serial key (versions before 11.2.3) LEGACY How to activate Redgate Monitor licenses by serial key (versions before 11.2.3) LEGACY

How to activate Redgate Monitor licenses by serial key (versions before 11.2.3) LEGACY

On Redgate Monitor versions before 11.2.3, you can use only perpetual licenses, and you can only activate them by entering a serial key in Redgate Monitor.

If you are installing Redgate Monitor v11.2.3 or later, or just upgraded, you can use perpetual or subscription license and should allocate both types on, not by serial key. Please go to How to allocate your Redgate Monitor licenses (versions 11.2.3 and later)

For Redgate Monitor earlier than v11.2.3, the end user of a license activates it using the following steps:

  1. Go to and login with your RedgateID. See Creating and managing your Redgate ID.
  2. If you are not an owner of the license, ask the owner to invite you by sending an invite to your RedgateID as an owner or administrator. See Managing License Users, Owners & Admins.
    1. If you are the owner (purchaser) of a new perpetual license, or similarly the owner of an existing license for which you've purchased extra entitlements, but not the person who will be using the license, invite the intended recipient as an owner or administrator.
    2. Do not add users to a Redgate Monitor license as it will needlessly take entitlements (see Failed to Activate License...All Entitlements Claimed)
  3. When you receive the invite, click it and you will go to where you will see your license
  4. Grab the serial number
  5. Go to Configuration > Licensing in Redgate Monitor.
  6. Enter the serial number in the Add serial number box and click Activate.
  7. It will appear in the My serial numbers table, and Redgate Monitor will auto-allocate licenses to all servers registered to that installation. For example, if you've 5 licenses and it detects 4 servers, you'll see: "1 of 5 licenses available. 4 licenses used by 4 servers."
  8. All your servers should now be licensed. If you see a "You have unlicensed servers" message in Redgate Monitor, you may not have purchased enough entitlements for your installation. See Guide to allocating your Redgate Monitor licenses.

If you now return to the and refresh, you'll see that all license entitlements on the serial key are allocated to "Device: (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)". For a server-licensed tool like Redgate Monitor, this is the correct behavior.


Note that if you run multiple base monitors, you will encounter the "Failed to Activate License...All Entitlements Claimed" error if you try to allocate an existing license to servers on new Base Monitor. You will either need to contact support to split a license, or upgrade to the latest Redgate Monitor version and dynamically reallocate the serial-activated license to a license.