Proxy Configuration in Redgate Monitor

If using a proxy, you will need to configure Redgate Monitor to use your proxy settings.

  • Go to the machine running the base monitor service.
  • Open file %PROGRAMDATA%\Red Gate\Redgate Monitor\RedGate.Monitor.BaseMonitor.exe.settings.config and insert either of the following immediately below <networkSettings>, substituting the settings as appropriate.
<!-- Settings with bypass list -->

<defaultProxy address="" useDefaultCredentials="true" bypassLocal="true">


<add address="" />

<add address="" />


<!-- Settings with no bypass list -->

<defaultProxy address="http://localhost:6000" useDefaultCredentials="true" bypassLocal="true" />
  • If not present, the following should also be added to the <configSections> section.
<section name="defaultProxy" type="RedGate.SqlMonitor.Common.Networking.Configuration.DefaultProxySettingsSection, RedGate.SqlMonitor.Common.Networking" />
  • Save this file and restart the base monitor service.
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