Failed to get permit. No response from server

If you receive the error: 

Take a look in your service log files to see if the error is related to proxy authentication. You'll find the log files in C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\Shared Client\Log

The error will read similar to: The remote server returned an error: (407) Authentication on the proxy is required. 

If you see this error, please contact support who will guide you through updating your Redgate Client Service. 

If you can't find any errors in your service log file, please send your log to and use the below workaround to activate: 

  • Launch the product you wish to activate
  • Visit http://localhost:22221/redgate/status.html
  • On the Redgate Client Status page, click on the product you wish to activate (it must have recently connected to the licensing client) 
  • If clicking the product link returns no result instead choose, 'Activate using fallback'


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