SQL Server Performance and Activity Monitoring issues

Redgate Monitor analyzes, plots, and tabulates its metric and alert data in various sections of the Redgate Monitor Web Interface. It tries to make it as easy as possible for you to use this data identify the root cause of problems on your SQL Servers, understand the performance patterns that your instances and databases exhibit when under load, and review trends, anomalies and errors.

This section covers a few known causes of missing for conflicting data reported in its graphs, and links to other resources that provide answers to some common requests and queries.

Reported errors or problems:

See also:

Redgate Monitor documentation.

Product articles (Redgate Hub):

  • SQL Server Performance Monitoring
    Articles describing how Redgate Monitor reveals and helps diagnose common causes of performance issues, such as long running queries, blocking, deadlocks, IO bottlenecks, indexing issues, and so on.
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