My tools have suddenly become unlicensed My tools have suddenly become unlicensed

My tools have suddenly become unlicensed

You may find that a tool becomes unlicensed, even though you haven't done anything to cause this such as upgrading. If your tool becomes unlicensed it is unlikely to be because of a license renewal or because your license has expired.  You can check your license support status in the customer portal by logging in with your Redgate ID under My Products

How would I know that my tool is unlicensed?

If your tool has become unlicensed you'll see a banner at the top of your screen stating that you are in a trial or that your trial has expired. Navigate to the licensing window (Help > Manage license) to check that you are logged in with your Redgate ID and try refreshing the license. 

Why has my tool become unlicensed?

The most common reason for a license to become unlicensed is after a major version upgrade; this is expected behavior.

If you haven't upgraded, your tool has likely become unlicensed because the Client Service isn’t running or the tool can’t connect to the service meaning the product will consider itself unlicensed and refuse to activate, reverting you to trial mode. 

It's not always obvious why the connection can't be made. However, if you are sitting behind a firewall, have extensive antivirus software or an unstable internet connection these are common factors affecting the Client Service. Check that the required endpoints are available using the list in Licensing & update URLs to add to your AllowList in firewall

If you would like us to investigate your specific cause please raise a support ticket and attach your service logs. You will find them in C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\Shared Client\Log. 

How can I license my tool again? 

If you see your Redgate ID in the top right-hand corner of the licensing window, click the drop-down next to it and select 'Refresh'. If you don't see your Redgate ID in the top right-hand corner, you should see the option to log in. Logging is should activate your license. 

If the above fails to activate your license, you may have received the error message 'Failed to activate the license: All of the x entitlements for serial xxx-xxx-xxxxxx-xxxx have already been claimed'. To resolve this follow the steps in this article.

You might also see an error message that gives you the option to 'activate using an alternative mechanism' This is suggesting that you will need to activate manually. See, Manual Activation.

If your activation is still unsuccessful, please contact support with your Redgate Client log files found in C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\Shared Client\Log.