Create and manage your Redgate ID

A Redgate ID is a free user account that gives you a secure and personalized experience with Redgate products and services. Your purchases, quotes, updates, and trials of Redgate products and services are all managed through your Redgate ID. You can also use your Redgate ID to register your products and contact Redgate support.

Your Redgate ID should be the email address you first used when you purchased a Redgate product or service, when you created a quote, or you first logged a Redgate support request. Redgate does not create an ID on your behalf, you will need to do this on the Redgate website. 

Creating a Redgate ID

If you don’t already have a Redgate ID, you can create one:

  1. Go to the Redgate ID log in page and enter the email address you wish to use for your Redgate ID. Click 'Next'.

  2.  If the email address entered does not already have a Redgate ID associated with it the next page will ask you to enter a password of your choice. Then click 'Create Redgate ID'
  3. You'll receive an email from Redgate asking you to verify your Redgate ID. Click the confirmation link in the email to confirm your email address

You can now log in to your account.

Video tutorial: Using the Redgate customer portal

Activating Redgate products with a Redgate ID

A Redgate ID is required to activate Redgate products and services.

For more information, see Activating and All Entitlements Claimed Error when Activating a License for a Desktop (Client) tool.

Changing the email address associated with your Redgate ID

The email address you associate with your Redgate ID cannot be changed in the customer portal. If you need to change your Redgate ID email address you will need to create a new Redgate ID for the email address you wish to use. Then you can log in to the customer portal using your new Redgate ID and begin transferring your licenses from the old account to the new. 

If you are a license owner you can add your new email address as an owner. See Managing license users, owners & admins

If you are a license admin, you will need to ask the license owner to invite you to be an admin using your new email address. See How to request ownership of a license.

If you are a license user, log into the customer portal using your old Redgate ID and remove yourself from the license. Then activate the product again, this time using your new Redgate ID. Once activated, the license will appear on your My Products page in the customer portal. 

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