SQL Monitor setup for optimal performance 

When getting started with SQL Monitor, this article lists the setup recommendations for optimal performance.

1. Ensure adequate hardware is provisioned for hosting SQL Monitor components (Base Monitor, Web Server, SQL Monitor Database). Check Hardware and Performance Guidelines for details.  

2. When monitoring more than 50 servers, we recommend hosting each SQL Monitor component on a dedicated machine. 

3. Ensure there's a high speed network between the three components. 

4. Use multiple Base Monitors with each Base Monitor located as close as possible to the SQL Servers.  

5. Use the latest version of SQL Server for the SQL Monitor Database. 

6. Review the Performance setting under Configuration > Data Settings > Performance. Check the sub section SQL Server Performance Recommendations for details. 

7. Review the Data Retention under Configuration > Data Settings > Data Retention. Check Setting SQL Monitor data retention policy for details. 

8. For hosting large SQL Agent Job history, check Improving performance of SQL Agent job history sampling.

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