Insufficient privileges to install system services for SQL Monitor

You may encounter the following error message during an installation of a SQL Monitor Instance.

DEBUG - MSI (s) (E8:68) [13:35:45:539]: Product: SQL Monitor Base 8 -- Error 1923. Service 'SQL Monitor Base Monitor' (MonitorBaseDeploymentService) could not be installed.  Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services.
DEBUG - MSI (s) (E8:68) [13:35:50:583]: Error in rollback skipped.    Return: 5

This is often caused by the account running the installation having insufficient privileges to install the necessary system services for SQL Monitor, which mainly consists of the base monitor and possibly web server windows service.

You can try resolving this by following the below article for the account used:,on%20as%20a%20service%20right.&text=Click%20OK%20and%20close%20the%20policy%20editor



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