Resetting your Redgate Monitor password Resetting your Redgate Monitor password

Resetting your Redgate Monitor password

Note: This article only applies if using the built in Redgate Monitor accounts

Only administrators can reset Redgate Monitor passwords. 

Resetting standard and read-only user passwords

If you're a standard or read-only user and you've forgotten your password, contact a Redgate Monitor administrator. Administrators can change passwords by following the instructions under Editing user roles in Managing user roles.

Resetting administrator passwords

If you use Active Directory

If SQL Monitor is configured to authenticate with Active Directory, and you're locked out of your Active Directory administrator account, see the Unable to access administrator account troubleshooting page.

To reset the administrator password, you need to delete the password stored in the Redgate Monitor database.

  1. Log into the SQL Server instance that hosts the Redgate Monitor database.
    In Management Studio (or equivalent SQL editing tool), run:

    1. USE RedGateMonitor
    2. GO
    3. DELETE FROM settings.UserAccount WHERE UserName = 'admin'

    where RedGateMonitor is the name of the SQL Monitor database.

  2. On the machine where the Redgate Monitor website is installed, open a web browser and paste the URL for Redgate Monitor into your browser address bar (eg http://MyServer.mydomain:8080).

    If your browser displays a message asking if you want to repost the data, ignore it. Reposting will enter the password you have just deleted.
  3. The Create Administrator password page is displayed. Enter a new administrator password.