Setting up OpenID Connect (OIDC) with Entra ID in SQL Monitor


This article provides specific information on how to use SQL Monitor's OpenID Connect authentication feature with SQL Monitor. Please also consult


  • You need to have an "App Registration" set up for SQL Monitor in Entra ID (previously known as Azure Active Directory)
  • The SQL Monitor Web Server needs to be set up using https

Implementation Steps

1. On your EntraID  "App Registration" add your SQL Monitor dashboard URL with \openidconnectaccount appended under Redirect Uris, e.g.

2. Follow the instructions on, you can get the Client ID and the Tenant ID which you need for the Authority field from the App Registration (Overview screen) in the Azure Portal:

3. In the Claims section, preferred_username and groups are usually adequate choices when connecting to an Entra ID directory. If these don't work please liaise with your Entra ID administrator team.

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