Online index operations can only be performed in Enterprise edition of SQL Server

This error occurs because SQL Change Automation uses SQL Server Express LocalDB as the default Temporary Database Server for the schema validation operation.

If you are using a PowerShell Script:

Use either the -TemporaryDatabaseServer or -TemporaryDatabase parameters on the InvokeDatabaseBuild cmdlet.

If you are using an Add-on:

(Steps and picture below are from Azure DevOps, other add-ons might differ slightly).

  1.  Change the Temporary Server Type from LocalDB to SQL Server

  2. Fill in the SQL Server field

  3. (Optional) Fill in the Database field*


*If you fill in the Database field SQL Change Automation will use the database you specify, this database needs to be pre-created and it is not dropped or cleaned after the schema validation ends. If you don't fill this in, SQL Change Automation will create a database at the start of the schema validation process and drop it once it finishes.


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