Full-Text Search is not installed, or a full-text component cannot be loaded

The Full-Text Search Is Not Installed, Or A Full-Text Component Cannot Be Loaded error usually occurs because SQL Change Automation uses, by default, SQL LocalDB to validate the scripts folder.

SQL Local DB does not support Full-Text Search.

You'll need to use either the -TemporaryDatabaseServer or -TemporaryDatabase parameter on the Invoke-DatabaseBuild cmdlet (or, if using an add-on, use the corresponding parameter fields on the build step).

For example, if using Pipelines on Azure DevOps add-on you need to change the Temporary server type to SQL Server, you will then need to fill the server field with a valid instance name (the Database field is optional: if you fill it SQL Change Automation will use that Database to validate the schema, if not it will create a dynamically named database for that purpose).


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