SQL Monitor - What does "License will expire in 'X' days. You need to buy or allocate licenses to SQL Monitor installation" mean?

The message refers to the file that is placed on you machine when you have activated a license. You will need to re-apply the license using the new activation in order to fully refresh the permit.

mceclip0.pngThis banner can appear in a few different instances:

You have licenses on your installation that were activated using the legacy method of activation

In this case you may have some or all licenses that were activated using the legacy activation. The legacy method of activation is when you enter the serial key to activate the license. Indicated by the below entry for the license


This doesn't use permit files to activate. When you see the notification in this case then you can ignore it as it does not apply to this type of licensing.

You have created a permit file for your offline installation in the past. These offline permits have an expiry date of 1 year. 

These offline permits with last for 1 year from the point of activation. In order to avoid disruption to SQL Monitor you will need to refresh this permit file before it expires. You will get this notification in the last 30 days of the permit. To activate using the offline method see below:

Offline activation

You have activated using the new online activation method detailed below

Online activation

If you have activated using the online method of activation then the permit file generated will expire in 30 days. This is a rolling 30 days. This permit should refresh every few hours to keep it up to date. If all is working correctly then the permit file should regularly be refreshed. 

If however there is an interruption between the web server for SQL Monitor and the license server for permits then you may see the notification "Permit will expire in 'X' days. Create new permit". 

In these cases please check that no traffic is being blocked for permits.red-gate.com. This is the only endpoint that SQL Monitor uses for licensing. 

The disruption may have also gone down if there was a drop in your connection to the internet. If this happens then the permit should refresh automatically next time it tries to contact the licensing server. 





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