How to activate your Redgate Monitor licenses (versions 11.2.3 and later) RECOMMENDED How to activate your Redgate Monitor licenses (versions 11.2.3 and later) RECOMMENDED

How to activate your Redgate Monitor licenses (versions 11.2.3 and later) RECOMMENDED

A guide to allocating and reallocating perpetual and subscription licenses after installing or upgrading to Redgate Monitor v11.2.3 or later. 

On Redgate Monitor versions 11.2.3 and later, you can use both subscription licenses and perpetual licenses. This guide covers: 

Redgate Monitor licenses on

For activating any type of license (except an extended trial license) for Redgate Monitor v11.2.3 or later, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Licensing page in Redgate Monitor (Configuration > Licensing) – in the Licenses table, you will see the number of allocated licenses, plus any serial key-activated licenses, currently assigned to this Redgate Monitor installation.

  2. Click on Allocate licenses – this will open a new tab and you will be prompted to log in with the email address and password of your RedgateID. 
  3. If you don't have a Redgate ID follow the instructions in Creating and managing your Redgate ID. 
  4. On the Redgate Monitor license portal you will see all licenses on which you are an owner or admin and that are valid for licensing the current Redgate Monitor installation.
  5. To add a license, click on 'Start using this license' next to the license you wish to use. 
    The license will move to the 'Licenses <installation name> is using' section:
  6. Return to the Licensing page of Redgate Monitor and refresh it, and you will see the license(s) that you just allocated to your installationThe Licenses table will show the updated total of available licenses (in the example you now see 5 license available). 
  7. To start using the license, scroll down to the 'Assign licenses to servers'. In the unlicensed servers box select the server you wish to license and then click the 'License' option:
    You will now see the server's name in the 'Licensed servers' box. 

  8. Navigate to Configuration > Monitored servers and you will be able to see that the server is being monitored:mceclip2.png

Dynamically switching from serial-activated licenses to licenses

The new dynamic license reallocation process makes it simple to switch existing serial key-activated licenses to the new RedgateID- based process. 

You can use a similar dynamic license reallocation process to move current licenses to a different server, with minimal or even zero interruption to monitoring. See: How To Reallocate Redgate Monitor Licenses To A New Installation 

Use the following steps to switch to RedgateID-based license activation after upgrading a pre-11.2.3 installation to the latest version: 

  1. In a web browser, enter the address of the Redgate Monitor installation. 
  2. Go to Configuration > Licensing 
  3. In the Licenses table, you will see listed the number of licenses available for each of the licensing sources on which you are an owner or administrator. Here, we see that an existing Perpetual (serial key-activated) license is listed, and that "licenses from" is currently zero.  
  4. Click Allocate your licenses on 
  5. In the Summary of usage for the current Redgate Monitor installation you'll see that under 'Licenses <installation name> is using', no licenses are currently allocated (this just means no RedgateID-activated licenses) 
  6. Under Additional licenses <installation name> is not using find the perpetual license. You'll see that currently the entitlements are "in-use by other installations". 
  7. Click Start using this license 
  8. Go back to Configuration > Licensing in Redgate Monitor 
  9. Click Deactivate next to the existing perpetual license 
  10. The licenses will now automatically switch over to allocated licenses. 

Activating by Serial Key

If you are allocating a license for a new Redgate Monitor installation, v11.2.3 or later, please follow the steps in Allocating Redgate Monitor licenses on

If you just upgraded a pre-11.2.3 installation to the latest version, please switch to RedgateID-based license allocation. If you continue to use serial key activation for perpetual licenses, and run multiple base monitors, you will either need to contact support to split a license or use separate licenses per base monitor. You will also be unable to reuse the same license across installations.

If you are extending the trial period for a trial license follow these steps:

  • In Redgate Monitor, go to the Licensing page (Configuration > Licensing) 
  • If you were to click on Allocate you licenses on, you see that trial licenses do not appear on the Redgate Monitor license portal. The initial trial you receive when first downloading the trial will start automatically without you needing to assign licenses.  


  • For trial extensions, you must do serial key activation, so click Activate a perpetual license  
  • Enter the serial number in the serial number box and click Activate. 
  • Once activated you will see a message saying that the license was activated successfully. If a trial is active, you will see a blue banner at the top of the window: