Redgate Monitor becomes unlicensed without warning

Redgate Monitor may become unlicensed without warning if a serial number is removed from the Licensing page. This may happen if you have more than one version of Redgate Monitor installed on your network and each version is using the same Data Repository database.

To view the details of the Data Repository database, either:

  • Check the name and location of the Data Repository database: go to Configuration > About and select About. The Database entry under Base Monitor is the Data Repository database.


  • Run the query sys.sp_who2 against the database, and find processes that display Redgate Monitor - Repository in the ProgramName column. The HostName column entries for these rows confirm which machines are running Redgate Monitor.

You must store collected data in a separate Data Repository database for each installation. If you are only using one version of Redgate Monitor, simply uninstall the redundant version(s).

If you want to maintain separate versions of Redgate Monitor, create a new Data Repository database for one of the installations, and update the connection string between the Base Monitor service and the database. For details of how to do this, see Moving the SQL Monitor database.

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