Move SQL Servers registered in the SQL Backup GUI to the GUI installed on a new machine

If you need to change to a new machine, it's possible to move the SQL Servers that are already registered in SQL Backup to a new server, without re-registering them in the SQL Backup graphical user interface (GUI).

  1. Locate a file called servers.dat which is normally in this path:
    C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Red Gate\SQL Backup
    where <User Name> of the user that has the servers registered in their GUI.
    This file contains the connection information for each server you have registered.

  2. Close the SQL Backup GUI on your new workstation.

  3. Copy the server.dat file from your old workstation to your new workstation in the same folder path above (if the user who will be using the GUI is different change <User Name>).

  4. On your new workstation, navigate to this path:
    C:\Users<User Name>\AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Backup\Server Data\
    (again for the user who is using the GUI).

  5. You will find 2 or more .dat files, for example, 1.dat, 53.dat, localDataCache.dat. Delete all of the .dat files located here -  do not worry, new files will be created when you open the GUI in the next step.

  6. Now open the SQL Backup GUI, it will populate the registered servers from the copied servers.dat file and create the .dat file deleted in the previous steps.


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