Error: Exiting since no license was found

You may see the "Exiting since no license was found" error if you are attempting to use one of Redgate's command line tools as part of an automated process.

To use the SQL Compare/SQL Data Compare command line you need to login interactively.

A SQL Change Automation license (available as part of Redgate Deploy and SQL Toolbelt) is needed for automated processes (for example when used on a build server). To cover such a case, everyone contributing to this automated process needs to be covered by their own SQL Toolbelt/Deploy license.

Changes to distribution of command line 

An SCA license is required for:  

  • Regular scheduled task, not a one off 
  • Service account (an account that they can't log in interactively to activate the license with user based licensing, RGID)  
  • Using the SQL Compare command line as part of automated or scheduled process 
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