SQL Prompt is not showing in Visual Studio

After installing SQL Prompt successfully in Visual Studio, it will only show up in VS when you open a SQL file (or a SQL Server Object Explorer window). This is due to a restriction from Microsoft that requires plugins to be loaded asynchronously. This behavior changed in SQL Prompt 9.1.8.

NOTE: SQL Prompt in VS is only supported for SQL files, not for SQL code in other types of files.

Sometimes after upgrading, SQL Prompt disappears from Visual Studio.

  1. Open Add or Remove Programs 
  2. Click on SQL Prompt and select Uninstall

  3. Install the latest version of the tool

SQL Prompt should install on side by side versions of Visual Studio but you may find that if you have multiple versions of Visual Studio installed this can cause problems with installation.

If the problem persists please submit a ticket with the support team.


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