Redgate Client Service won't start

If you're getting an error message that the Redgate Client Service won't start, a firewall rule may be preventing local use of HTTP. Please open an administrative command prompt and try the following commands:

This first command shows if any rules are defined.

>netsh http show iplisten

If there are no rules, then by default all services are on the AllowList. However, if the default is changed or if there is at least one rule then it may be necessary to add an extra one.

What you may see is "::" as a rule after running the above command. This is a rule that likely would have been added by another app. (changes to these rules are not monitored so it isn't possible to tell which app added it). If that is the case though then you will need to apply the rule below.

>netsh http add iplisten

Once added, please navigate to http://localhost:22221/redgate/status.html again to activate the license.

If this doesn't help, or if other non-RG services are affected then please raise a support ticket. The rule can be removed.

>netsh http delete iplisten

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