All Entitlements Claimed Error when Activating a License for a Desktop (Client) tool

You have tried to activate a license for a desktop tool and received the error "Failed to activate the license: All of the x entitlements for serial xxx-xxx-xxxxxx-xxxx have already been claimed". This article briefly explains why this can occur, during online or manual license activation, and the problem.

1. Are you logged in?

You will see this error if you're trying to activate a license and are not logged in. On the toolbar, click on Help > Manage license to check. If not, log in with your RedgateID.

If you log in with the same Redgate ID each time, then you will be able to activate on as many machines as you need without running out of entitlements.

2. Are other people using the entitlements?

As license owner or administrator, you can check this by visiting the Users tab of the Redgate Licensing portal ( if you can't see licenses on this page, you'll have to ask the owner to do this, or to add you as an owner or admin (Request ownership of a license).

It may be that you need to buy further licenses. However, if users are still registered on the license who no longer need it, they can be removed.  Similarly, if you or someone else has recently changed email address or have used the same license from different email addresses, then each different address will consume an entitlement. The old addresses can be removed as users to free up entitlements.

See Removing A User (Freeing Up A License/Entitlement)

3. Are you doing a manual activation?

You may encounter this error when trying to manually activate a license on a machine without an internet connection.

You're not prompted to log in with your Redgate ID when you manually activate so the licensing server counts the activation as an additional entitlement and displays as "Device: (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)" in the customer portal. You'll need to ask the license owner to remove your RedgateID login as a user in the portal, and then perform the manual activation. When back working on a machine with a connection, remember to remove the "Device: xxxx" user in the portal, or ask the license owner to do it, to free up that entitlement.

See Removing A User (Freeing Up A License/Entitlement)

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