Redgate Plug-Ins for SSMS missing after upgrading to SQL Server Management Studio 2016 or Higher

After upgrading an existing installation of SSMS 2014 or older to a newer version such as SSMS 2016 or higher, the Redgate plug-ins can sometimes go missing.

A common reason for this could be that the the 'SSMS Integration Pack Framework 1', a package that our SSMS plug-ins use to integrate into SSMS 2014 and earlier, can become corrupted.

To resolve this issue, please follow the same steps outlined in the article below:


  • Close any running instance of SSMS
  • From Programs and Features, if there is still a program installed called "SSMS Integration Pack Framework 1", uninstall this (note: you may also have a "SSMS Integration Pack 1" installed, which should remain installed)
  • Delete the folder c:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SIPFw if it still exists
  • Reboot
  • Reinstall or repair SQL Source Control/SQL Doc/SQL Search/SQL Test/Dependency Tracker/SQL Data Generator [(either option should repopulate c:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SIPFw with a new file.]
  • Launch SSMS to check if the error still occurs

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