Removing a user (freeing up a license/entitlement)

If you're a license owner or administrator you can free up a license by removing an allocated user in the customer portal.  

To remove an allocated user, click on the Remove button alongside their details in the list to deactivate them. A message will be displayed confirming that the user has been removed. This has the same effect as someone deactivating the product on their computer.

Migrating from anonymous to identified users

If you’ve been using Redgate products for a long time and have purchased multiple licenses, there’ll be a number of people using those products anonymously - displayed as Not logged in. This makes it hard to know exactly who is using which product, which can be a problem if you’re responsible for tracking license usage in your organisation.


User account licensing makes it possible to track allocated users for most Redgate products.

The recommended way to transition an anonymous user to an allocated user is similar for bundle licenses and single-product licenses:

  • For a bundle license, the user should Check for updates from within any one of the bundled products (e.g. SQL Data Generator).  
  • For a single-product license, the user should Check for updates from within that product.
  • Download and install the product update.

  • On first run after installation, the user is prompted to log in with their Redgate ID to activate the upgrade. If the user doesn’t have a Redgate ID they can follow the links in the client dialog to create one.

The user is only required to log in with their Redgate ID once on each computer, either through installing a product for the first time, or updating an existing product as described above. As other products are upgraded or installed on that computer, they'll be activated using the same Redgate ID.

Removing yourself as a user

If you have activated a license using your Redgate ID, you also have the choice to remove yourself if you no longer need it. To remove yourself from a license, click on Manage next to the license then Remove myself from this license


 When deactivating a SQL Toolbelt license, you will notice your Toolbelt is split into sub groups: 


If you want to deactivate the user on all the products in the Toolbelt, you'll need to click Manage on each sub group of the license (server and desktop tools).

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