You can download the latest version of a product using Check for Updates, the customer portal or the Redgate website.

  • If you download the latest version from our website or the customer portal, you need to run the installer to upgrade the product.  Some Redgate products are available as part of bundle and you can select which products you want to upgrade when you run the installer.

  • If you use Check for Updates, the installer runs automatically.

You can install the latest major version of our standalone desktop tools on the same machine as the previous version.  Some users prefer to run an old version alongside the latest version to compare old databases that aren't compatible with the latest version of the tool. 

However, installing a minor release will upgrade the existing installation. Our server tools (e.g. SQL Monitor, SQL Backup) and tools which operate entirely within SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio will always upgrade the existing installation.

To revert to an earlier version, uninstall the later version, then download and install the version you want from the Release notes and other versions page.  You can use a serial number for a later version to activate an earlier version. 


Before upgrading you may want to check the system requirements which can be found on our documentation site by choosing your product and then clicking Requirements.

If you run into any problems after upgrading a Redgate tool, SQL Server Management Studio or SQL Server, in most cases an uninstall and subsequent reinstall of the Redgate tool should fix the problem.


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