Managing license admins

If you are a license owner, click Managers to associate any number of license admins with the license. A license admin can see license information and perform all actions relating to inviting and removing users from the license. However, only license owners can add and remove license admins. A license admin does not consume a license activation unless they have also been invited to be a license user.

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Inviting and removing license admins

To invite a person to be a license admin, enter their email address in the input field and click Send. That person will need to log on to the Redgate website with their Redgate ID. If they don't already have a Redgate ID, they can create one using the email address that was used to invite them. See more information about creating and using a Redgate ID. You can also enter multiple email addresses to invite more than one license admin at a time.

To remove a person's license admin rights, click on the Remove button alongside their details in the list. Then confirm the removal by clicking the subsequently displayed Remove button to remove them.

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