Trial expiry message on licensed product or after upgrade

A trial warning message is displayed if you have upgraded to a new major version or downloaded an upgrade from the Redgate website which reverts to trial mode.  If you have a license and you run into this you will need to activate your serial key within the tool.  You can do this one of two ways depending on the product:

  • On the Help menu, select Manage my license > Refresh license 

  • On the Help menu, select Enter serial number

 This will put you back into licensed mode.

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Sometimes, the licensing server fails to communicate with the tool and will remain stuck in trial mode. If this happens, start with the following troubleshooting steps: 

Log out and then log back in, to see if your licenced serial key is recognised. 



If once you have logged in a second time, the license still reads: 'X days left on your SQL XXXX trial.' and below the options to Continue trial, Activate or Buy now. Please use the following workaround to activate: 

  • Launch the product you wish to activate
  • Visit http://localhost:22221/redgate/status.html
  • On the Redgate Client Status page, click on the product you wish to activate (it must have recently connected to the licensing client)
  • If clicking on the product link doesn't return the licensing window, choose 'Activate using fallback'
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